Standing on the shoulders of giants

This is some organizations that both I support and support me, they are some of the most friendly, approachable brands that I have come into contact with and could not be more proud to have them listed here.

Sairiama Entertainment is a small network of book authors, creative personalities and streamers.

SE Logo.png

We are a small exclusive gaming group of friends.  We play many different games but was founded on the game Minecraft.  

EvoTech Logo.png

​We are a laid back bunch of streamers and content creators that like to do things a bit different, geeks, fanboys/girls and football fanatics but the common goal it to help, support, teach and guide each other in and around the world of streaming (the fact that we have a fun time doing it is a bonus). Come the StreamTroopers site and see when we're all about

We are a video game and streaming community for everyone. Whether you’re into gaming, streaming, art or game development we welcome you to join. Meet new friends to game with or share your awesome game with our streamers. We have community help channels, fun activities, gaming tournaments, contests and Esports teams. We also have an official stream team on Twitch for our most active members where you’ll get real support. Come join our community family today!