She is a friend that I met through EvoTech's sister group Edgecraft.  A troll to the bone she is still a caring person who is there for me when ever I need her and I will be the same for her.  She and I talk a lot about anime to eachother.


W3s13yy has been my mod for the longest time.  He is my younger brother and I would say probably my closest friend.


Dragonmaster95 is a 3d modeler for minecraft models and I met him only a few years ago.  He is a real fun guy to hang out with and very responsible man.


ki113rz95 is a gamer that I met several years ago through a charity event.  At first he and I did not talk much but after a while we became good friends.  He enjoys anime, and frankly more weebish than me.  He still da man anyways.  He has been my mod for 4 years now.


Met Uedari back about a year ago and got to play some games and Dungeons and Dragons with this great woman.  


badbubba1000 is someone I met through the Planet Minecraft website many years ago while I was making building for people to download while in my YouTube days.  He was wanting to make a minigame or something.  To this day we still talk and play games together. 


I met drats666 through a friend and we instantly clicked.  He even hosted a Dungeons and Dragons campaign once.  

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