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I'm KingRayRay Ray, a brother of one and an obsessed gamer since the days of my youth.  It is a passion that does not seem to be going away soon.  I work odd jobs but I feel that I always return to this passion as my way of life.

I have been a slow learner most of my life, especially in the field of numbers.  I was thought to be dumb to my teachers and had to undergo special education back in grades one through five.  I also had to experience speech therapy until the third grade because my mother did not help me learn how to speak the language.  That same issue also caused me to be held back in kindergarten because I did not know my ABCs until I was 6 years old.  Now I am a full time streamer and its been an amazing journey.  I started over on YouTube back in 2012 and moved on to Twitch at the start of 2018 and I finally found that thing that I love doing and was accepted into the affiliate program in July of 2018.  I built and co-founded SairiamaEntertainment in early 2013 trying to tie together what my family as a whole does.  In 2013 I joined the EvoTech gaming community, then in 2017 I joined the StreamTroopers and recently in late 2019 I joined the AvengerFriends Stream Team.

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twitch Love

I have been doing Twitch for a while but it was only in the recent years that I have began to use Twitch as my medium and do it full time.  I try and give the best content I possibly can on the daily bases so that you, my audience can come home and enjoy some content after a hard day's labor.  At the end of the year I gather all of the clips and make a wonderful montage for people to view and laugh at.  Do you want to see last year's fun filled highlight?  Just watch above!

These are what I offer as my products that you can get.  I will be coming out with more as I come up with more ideas.

Personal Work
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